Pay Per Click Management Company in Ahmedabad

More Traffic Leads to More Sales! We increase conversions by paid social campaigns and paid search to drive revenue for your client’s site.

Why THB for PPC Services?

Improve ROI

Making your advertising profitable is the foremost challenge of Quibus.

Process Driven

We work through a process that definitely brings result & has proven our procedures by our work.

Tools Suppport

We have an array of tools and are always looking froward to develop more day by day.

Generate Leads by PPC! Know How?

Benefits to join our exclusive PPC Services are here.

Website should be effectively usable for site users is the main goal of boosting website’s performance.


Google Adwords Search

Google Search Ads is the adorable way to make your reach to high quality & high intent users who are interested in your service.

Google Adwords Display

Google Display Ads are used to raise awareness of your service. Needs strategy to get effective results, though clicks are cheap.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network which makes easy to run Facebook Ads in any region, in any language.

Remarketing Ads

An effective way to bring back your users on your website to accomplish a transaction or for a conversion.

Social Media Advertising

You can advertise your target users as per one’s behaviour and interests.

Google Shopping Ads

To attract more number of users than search Ads we use Google Shopping Ads.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising has higher reach and lower CPCs than the dekstop Ads.

Video Advertising

Video Advertising is the productive way to convey huge information within the short time.

App Advertising

This allows you to get discovered by millions of relevant users at a time.

ROI Should be Improved! Know How?

Smartly Manage Bid : “Auction-time bidding” is the feature which you can use to optimize conversions. Some strategies of smart & automated bid strategies are:

  • Target CPA
  • Target ROAS
  • Maximize Conversions
  • Enhanced CPC

Smart Search Ads : Plan Search Camapaigns which allows to advertise on Google & its other partner sites. You will require some ongoing management. These type of campaigns helps you to attract your users & to highlight your business.

Smart Display Ads : An creative way to expand your users and get new conversions is to create Smart Display Ads. It involves 3 technologies of optimization:

  • Automated Bidding
  • Automated Targeting
  • Automated Ad Creation

Smart Shopping Ads : Google’s new feature “Smart Shopping Campaigns” could be use to combine standard shopping & display remarketing campaigns. It also uses automated bidding & ad placement to aggrandize your service across networks. Furthermore, these ads are eligible for appearing on Google Search Network, Display Network, Youtube, & Gmail.

Managing Ad Campaigns

  • Strategic Keyword Recommendation – Immense Keyword Analysis & Understanding your business using some best executive tools.
  • Copywriting – With the help of our creative and efficient content writers follow the best practice of Ad Copywriting.
  • Performance Reporting – Observe the Return on Investment (ROI). Also, campaigns are twisted as per the trends in report.
  • A/B Testing – Compare using advanced “A/B Testing” technique & pick a higher version of single variant.